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Is there a link for DAPI/Discord link anywhere?
I thought I saw one before and tried to link it to my Discord server but for some reason I cannot find it anymore.

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I am the only one bothered by the fact that the TikTok logo is slightly off center unlike the Insta/Twitter ones? :roll_eyes:

should we bring back?

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Question :person_raising_hand: if i am new to all of this lets say i started learning about stocks and trading last year where do i go first to gain more knowledge about how it all works.
Answers are appreciated :pray:from a 19 year old tryna learn​:man_student:
Thank you

is it possible for a potential integration with TD Ameritrade, or the ability to use copy trader with something other than quiver quant platform?

We would definitely like to make investing off of our data as convenient as possible, and have been looking into partnerships with brokerages like TD Ameritrade.

With that being said, currently copytrading is only available through our integration with Quantbase.

Thanks. One more question, can trades from Quantbase be copied to other brokers via API or any other 3rd party APP?

Unfortunately they do not currently offer that capability.

You can sign up for an account at TDAmeritrade and they offer the free TOS(ThinkOrSwim) desktop app that will allow you to paper trade until you learn enough and then you can fund your account and switch over in the app and live trade. They offer a lot of classes and support like education events: TD Ameritrade

Starting from the ground up is daunting but fun done the right way. Start by just watching CNBC and reading (Barron’s is great). Look up what you don’t know on Investopedia and just go down the rabbit hole. The more you just dive in the better.

Found Open BB today, what do you think about it?

OpenBB is very cool. Their Terminal requires some background in coding to use it effectively, but it’s one the best free command-line tools out there (in my opinion).

Hello everyone! I am new here. Do you guys now where can I see my watchlist of strategies? I can’t seem to find it

Regarding the Jim Cramer Tracker section (Jim Cramer Stock Picks), I was curious, after an episode of the show airs, when is the table typically updated?

It is typically updated by end-of-day on the day when the show airs. We use a manual process for collecting and recording these picks, so unfortunately it’s not updated as fast as most of our other datasets.

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