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Highlights for this week in trading:

  1. Markets are preparing for Powell’s testimony to Congress (3/7) and payroll data release (3/10)
  2. Powell is unlikely to sound dovish, and job data may get a boost from the weather.
  3. Asian equities are up, but China’s growth target of 5% disappoints.
  4. The Australian dollar and commodity prices are reacting negatively.
  5. Bonds are more positive, especially in Australia and New Zealand.

What does everyone predict will happen this week?


Trading Performnace mid-day March 6

Mid-day market performance, any thoughts?


What tickers are everyone watching today?

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$BBIO stock is up like 50% after releasing positive trial data. Been meaning to look into adding data on clinical trials to the platform.


$KALA another pharmaceutical up big as well


Just put out a new tweet on Flex LNG. $BOIL has been getting killed lately, but congressmen are still buying up stock in $FLNG.


I saw that Huawei abandoned plans to build $1B research campus in Cambridge do y’all think this trend will continue with US sanctioned Chinese companies?

Not sure - but it looks like Huawei might have trouble getting U.S. chips as well:


Homeland security committee has a hearing on China this Thursday - might get more info then.

What’s the opinion on $SPY? It’s been up and up, maybe puts ending next week?

Will be keeping an eye on the senate banking committee hearing tomorrow, where JPOW is gonna be testifying.

$NVOS looking good and much positive discussion on twitter rn

where are you streaming?

we stream on twitch. Twitch

$NVOS looking good and $TRKA is dropping but I think it will shoot back up. Currently triggering allot of stop losses

what’s causing $NVOS to rise, was it just reddit users? I’m trying to learn about the stock market

Jerome Powell’s speech to Congress today did anybody watch?

I’m not entirely sure, but I watch discussions on Twitter and people who know what they’re talking about to learn

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Markets seem to be less bearish than yesterday on Powell’s speech